Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice

Tring Park provides a unique community in which talented pupils from all spheres of life come together to train at the highest level whilst also striving for an academic education which, together, will place them in the best possible position to meet the challenges of the next stage in their lives. We believe that pupils have the best chance of achieving their potential when they are happy, healthy, emotionally secure, safe and cared for on a personal level. At Tring Park, we aim to promote pupils’ wellbeing by embedding our pastoral care throughout the school. However, houseparents undoubtedly are the lynchpin of a care team that also includes academic, vocational and medical staff.

Our aim is to foster an environment in which pupils act in a responsible and mature manner. Through the boarding experience, pupils learn the values of mutual respect, tolerance of individual differences, courtesy and consideration for others as well as their property. The overriding principle on which we operate is that everyone should treat others as they would wish to be treated themselves. No one should ever be treated in such a way as to be made to feel inferior or uncomfortable. Inevitably, there will be times when a pupil needs guidance on how to act and we will always endeavour to be firm and fair when a pupil needs a push in the right direction. When a problem occurs, both the incident and its consequences will be discussed with the pupil. Pupils are listened to, and their views and opinions are taken seriously. We recognise the importance that pupils feel both respected and valued as individuals, and we encourage the expression of ideas and opinions.

We accept that community living does impose limitations on personal privacy. Pastoral staff and pupils are expected to respect the privacy and dignity of others and both staff and pupils should knock on doors before entering dorms. All pupils are provided with a lockable space and are encouraged to use it for any valuable items, or to hand these in to their houseparent for safekeeping.

School days should be amongst the happiest in life, but we recognise that for some pupils there are days or even weeks when they are not. At Tring Park, we are a small community where pupils know, or are known by, most members of staff. Pupils are encouraged to speak openly with staff, to share the good things in their lives, as well as seek advice and support during times of difficulty. When a pupil is troubled, houseparents are often the first port of call, but pupils should be aware of other people to whom they can turn: prefects, vocational tutors and academic mentors, the Directors of their courses, their Head of School, the counsellors and Independent Listener, the Sisters in the Medical Centre, the Deputy Principal or the Principal. We endeavour to identify when a pupil is experiencing difficulties and will raise the issue with them, and/or speak to their parents as appropriate. Parents are actively encouraged to contact school should they feel their child is experiencing problems. We work on the principle that a close relationship between school and home is vital for the pupil to feel part of a solid structure of care. It is our aim to provide an environment in which pupils can live their lives to the full, and where individuality can flourish.


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