Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there transport provided to and from the school for day pupils?
A. The school runs a mini bus pick-up service to and from Tring Station.  This is initially being offered free of charge to assess take-up.   The pick-ups to and from the station will run as follows:

  • Morning pick-ups at 7.50am to allow pupils to arrive at school by 08.00
  • Afternoon return trips at 4.45pm (Juniors) and 6.45pm (Seniors)

Q. What are the arrangements for prep?
A. Pupils in the Prep Department have one hour of prep per day. Pupils in the First - Fifth Form (Years 7 - 11) spend one and a quarter hours doing supervised prep in the late afternoon or evening. The Sixth Form have unsupervised prep in their study bedrooms and will also spend time on prep during their study periods.Day pupils may stay on at school to do prep by prior arrangement with the Director of Academic Studies.

Q. How many tests do pupils take annually?
A. Six, one per each half term apart from exam year groups.

Q. How many reports do the parents receive?
A. Each pupil has two full written reports per year and six grade cards/progress reports. In addition new pupils receive a grade report at their first half-term holiday.

Q. How many Parents' Consultations are there each year?
A. There is one official consultation, but we are happy to arrange meetings as required.

Q. At what time should students return to House at the weekend?
A. Prep to Fifth Forms (Years 5-11) should return by 8.00pm. Sixth Form students (Years 12-13) should return by 10.00pm.

Q. At what time should students be collected for Exeat?
A. At 3.10pm or as indicated in the Events Calendar

Q. At what time do boarders return to School after Exeat/Half Term?
A. Boarders are expected to return between 5.00 - 8.00pm.

Q. What time is assembly?
A. Monday to Friday at 08.05.  Assemblies alternate each day between Preps - Fifth Form and Sixth Form.  

Q. May I take my child out for supper during the week?
A. Yes. Prep - Third Form between 6.00 - 8.00pm, Fourth/Fifth Form: 6.30 - 8.30pm and Sixth Form: 6.30 - 10.00pm.

Q. How do I make arrangements to take my child to a medical/hospital/dentist appointment in school time?
A. Permission must be obtained from the Principal in writing as far in advance as possible, and no later than noon of the preceding Wednesday.

Q. How many extra weekends is my child allowed apart from Exeat?
A. Preps (Years 5-7) may go home every Friday after classes. First-Fourth Forms (Years 7-10) may take one 'chosen' weekend per term. Fifth Form (Year 11) may take two 'chosen' weekends per term. Sixth Form (Years 12-13) may go home each weekend.  All pupils must fulfill any school commitments before going home.

Q. How will I be informed if my child becomes unwell whilst at school?
A. The Medical Centre is open from 07:30am - 9.30pm daily and house staff are on call 24 hours a day when on duty. The Medical Team will always call home to let you know of any problems. They will also make any decisions to send your child home (or to guardians) if deemed necessary.

Q. How does my child receive post?
A. Post or packages are passed to the House areas daily (including weekends) before lunch.


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