Message from the Head Girl and Head Boy

Jessica Pritchard

I remember my first introduction to Tring Park. In 2010 a young 8 year old girl with  very low self-esteem drove up Mansion Drive for the first time, terrified of what was to come and yet quickly so in awe of what was before her. Within minutes of arrival I was bundled into the mansion building with my parents and met with a room of extravagant colour, this extravagant colour being the pupils of Tring Park. Whether you have visited Tring before or are yet to, you will understand my associating the Tring community with being colourful, students, teachers and staff alike.

I always refer to Tring as a community rather than a school. I think this comes from the close relationship you have with the students, teachers and staff. There are four distinctive courses in Sixth Form: the Acting Course, Commercial Music Course, Musical Theatre Course and Dance Course, however Tring Park strengthens you to grow in all areas of performing, so even the actors will dance, for example, making you a more versatile performer. Versatility is an important attribute to have at Tring, or at least one the school will help strengthen, as in the industry all areas of performance can channel into one genre. This being said I will never be a ballerina, however even actors need basic movement skills.

The school, although incredible, is a constant ball of energy with little room to rest. From my nine years at Tring Park I advise that you hit the ground running - there really is little time to take a stroll. This is due to the intensity of the school day: the junior school has vocational classes in the morning followed by an afternoon of academic lessons, with the seniors and Sixth Form having academic subjects in the morning followed by a longer afternoon of vocational studies. It’s a lot of hard work, but from this constantly hectic school life you will find yourself truly strengthening as an individual, your time management will improve and you will become a more rounded person. It is important, also, to view your academic study as important as vocational. At a school known for their performing arts education, it’s easy to push aside academic work, but the academic staff are incredibly motivational and you only have to look at our latest GCSE results to show we are academically comparable to other schools and that our vocational studies don’t overtake us.

I remember being on my first tour of Tring Park and my tour guide Monique (whom I grew to know, and who now has a thriving professional career) telling me that there are many small gems of Tring you can only understand if you walk the halls every day. Monique told me that if you start singing in a corridor, anywhere in school, your singular voice will multiply as, undoubtedly, those around you, whoever they may be, will join in and perhaps throw in some harmonies to make it more impressive. I didn’t think this was true, a false High School Musical dream, however, ladies and gentleman, what Monique told me was utterly true. Tring is truly living and breathing performing.

When I began as a nine year old girl in the Prep Department, I wouldn’t ever have imagined myself standing here as Head Girl today, a position I take great pride in. Nine years down the line and I come to my final year at school, a completely different girl, and I owe that all to Tring.

Head Girl 2018-19

Jack Stewart

At the time of writing this, I have been a Tring Park student for exactly one year. The experience I have had in that one year is beyond belief. It feels like I have a lifetime of memories yet the time has gone so quickly, it’s hard to put into words.

The school I came from was intensely academic, known for producing scientists, doctors and mathematicians. As you can imagine, moving to a school like Tring was a breath of fresh air. One thing I immediately noticed was the energy and enthusiasm everyone had; they were all so happy to be at school! At the start, this was a bit overwhelming but after 24 hours I could understand exactly why. Most schools around the country really have to try to motivate their students to work hard and achieve their potential but Tring is different. At Tring Park you get to wake up and do what you love at a high standard every day, surrounded by people who are just as passionate as you. This combined with our excellent facilities, teachers who share your passion, houseparents who are always there to help and care for you, and peers who become your second family creates a bubble that a lot of us find fitting to refer to as home.

I know it sounds amazing but do not get me wrong, it’s hard work. Within a month of the first day, it was the opening night of the first of many shows throughout the year on the Commercial Music Course. I was blown away to walk out to, not only parents but also an abundance of teachers and students there to support us. This highlights what I value most about the school. Not only does Tring Park offer outstanding vocational training in the performing arts paired with exceptional academic teaching (that guided our students to achieve 88.5% A*- C grades this year at GCSE), but it’s the sense of community of Tring Park that makes it so unique. There is a mutual respect shared by all students and staff members at Tring Park, one that you won’t find anywhere else.

I am grateful for many things that Tring Park has done for me. I am over the moon to have been given the position of responsibility that is Head Boy, being able to represent a community that I care so much about is a huge honour and one that I will not undertake lightly. I also have to thank the school for how much I have come on as a performer, and the many performance opportunities my peers and I have been gifted with, these experiences have been deeply rewarding. However, I am most grateful for how much the school has benefitted me as a human being. Tring has taught me confidence, respect, gratitude and many other lessons in and out of the classroom. 

This past year, although intense at times and very hard work, has been everything I could have asked for and I would happily do it all again. For those with a burning passion for the performing arts and those who want to make their dreams a reality, Tring Park is the beginning. 

Head Boy 2018-19


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