Commercial Music Day Course

Saturday 20 October

The Commercial Music Course is for musicians who have an interest in performing and creating popular music.

Age: 12 - 18 years.

Taught by highly experienced teachers and industry professionals, this course will explore the requirements of a session musician, develop ensemble skills and delve into ways of creating and writing songs.

Participants will be required to bring their own instruments (guitars, bass, horns, drum sticks etc).  The backline will be provided: this includes drum kit, piano/synth, amp and respective leads.

Classes start at 10.30am and finish at 4.30pm.  Registration starts at 10.00am and participants need to bring a packed lunch.

Please refer to the Clothing and Footwear Requirements which details what to wear.   

Cost: £73 which includes a ticket to the performance by the current Commercial Music Course in the Main School (starting at 7.30pm).



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