Nutcracker diary from a Tring Park pupil

Nutcracker diary

September 29th

Today ENB are coming to audition us for their production of "The Nutcracker". Everybody is full of energy and chattering with nerves. The audition went really well, Mr. Castillas (the Head of Repertoire at ENB) came in to watch the auditions. We had to learn a part from Nutcracker and then perform it in groups. At the end, 4 boys and girls were partnered up. There was considerable chatting from the adults and we were all asked to leave, we didn't know when we would hear the results. At lunch we were all discussing when the results would be up on the dance board, when all came to the conclusion that they would be up the next day. So I was very surprised that when I was getting ready for academics one of the boys burst in to my room saying the results were up. I threw on some clothes and RAN to the board, on the way people kept trying to tell me but I ignored them. I looked at the board and saw that I had been cast as Freddy, the main boy role! I called my mum filled with joy and excitement.... I later realised my trousers were on back to front!

23rd November

Today was another rehearsal at school. I had recently returned from a weekend with my family but I was ready to get back to work! Today we ran over the battle scene witch we had done the weekend before, the Mr. Rhys taught the girls the tap routine in the battle scene. They picked it up really fast! After that we ran through all of the dances we had been taught.

30th November

Today was our last rehearsal until we go to London! We are going to go to practice with the company, in their HQ (Jay Mews). Today our rehearsal was an extra hour longer than usual because we had to make sure we were prepared for London. We learnt the ice skating scene, it was very cool! The girls had to wear their rat heads so they were ready for when they went on stage. We then ran through the whole of the show!

1st December

Today was our first day in London! We left at 10:15, we were all excited and a few of the youngest were very nervous. We arrived at E.N.B and were sent to our dressing room, we had 10 minutes to get ourselves ready before we went up to the rehearsals. The studio was full of bustling dancers practising their parts for the show. We were ushered to one side of the studio as the rehearsals were about to begin! Today we did the battle scene as it's very hard to fit the company and the kids together! For lunch we had Dominos pizza, which was great! We then had Clara and Freddy rehearsals with the maids. Afterwards we went to a little studio to practice the singing, we were much better than last year! We then left at 6:30 and arrived back at 8:30pm.


Basil James – 2nd Form