Superheroes - Preps ICT

Afrogirl by Mia Delderfield (Prep 1)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Afrogirl! This one-of-a-kind character came straight from the mind of Mia Delderfield in Prep 1 when faced with the challenge of creating her own superhero. As soon as Afrogirl puts some hair gel on her frizzy blonde locks a crowd of angry fleas charges at the enemy causing them to itch uncontrollably.

The preps all created their superheroes in ICT using Paint and then copied their completed characters into Microsoft Powerpoint. The class will then create a band of supervillains and construct a storyboard on a number of slides to tell the story of good vs. evil.

Superwoman by Caley-Maria Cavan (Prep 3)

There were some very interesting characters being created with some students choosing to focus more on their superhero's outfit, knowing that it's important to look good if you're going to be on the front cover of every magazine and newspaper in town. When asked what her stylish Superwoman could do, Caley-Maria Cavan from Prep 3 simply replied, "everything..."

A couple of students have skipped the superhero altogether, preferring to start with a villain who is 'a lot cooler' according to one member of the class. Emily Loveday's (Prep 2) 'Flame Girl' looks particularly menacing. With such imaginative characters the storyboards are sure to be thrilling, but what will happen next? Will Afrogirl's fleas meet their match? Will Superwoman's outfit get slated by the press? Will Flame Girl be extinguished?

To be continued...