3rd Form take on Youth Speaks

For months, there have been pockets of third form, standing on soap-boxes, protesting passionately about injustice, inequality and responsibility! Fear not, their protestations have all been for a good cause.

The Rotary Youth Speaks Competition is a well- established and successful competition organised and promoted by Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland and sponsored by Gandys (Orphans for Orphans). It is a four stage competition designed to support and encourage development of effective communication skills on a public platform as a member of a team.

The first round of ‘Rotary Club Youth Speaks Competition’ took place at Old Hall, Berkhamsted on Wednesday 26th November 2014. Three very enthusiastic teams, clutching their cue-cards, made their way in the mini-bus to the Local Venue.

Out of 9 teams on the night, Tring Park School secured 1st, 2nd and 3rd! Olivia Foskett (Main Speaker) Julia Lazarus (Chairperson) and Jessica Pritchard (Vote of Thanks) chose the topic “Is space exploration worth the money we spend on it?” and rocketed their way to first place! Mia Rose (Main Speaker) Andrea Barber- Frances (Chairperson) and Katie Norman (Vote of Thanks) discussed whether celebrities should be responsible for the products they endorse and came 2nd.  These groups got through to the semi-final District round. A very close 3rd, but not through to the next round, were Jessica de Souza-Lewis (Main Speaker) Micaela Infante ( Chairperson) and Hannah Pearce (Vote of Thanks) , speaking passionately about whether black dancers are under-represented in the performing arts. As well as being confident and able speakers on the night, all the girls spoke highly of the experiences and were praised by local Rotarians and schools, for their prepared and interesting speeches.

The semi-final took two groups to the Salvation Army Citadel on Monday 9th February 2015, in the heart of Luton, where proud parents also came to support and encourage. No longer really needing their cue-cards, like true performers our teams had honed and perfected their speeches, learning them off by heart. The teams were a credit to the school, speaking with their usual flair, and a renewed energy. Pipped to the post by some memorable talks by other schools, all the girls still maintained that they ‘loved every minute’ and would ‘do it all over again’.