Red Nose Day fundraising

Over several years, Comic Relief has been able to use money raised by schools like Tring Park to help change millions of lives. Comic Relief money has helped 6.4 million people internationally: over 1.4 million vaccines have been given; 100,000 people now have access to clean water; 280,000 people have been helped to access quality education, giving them the chance to learn skills to help find work and earn a living; and 120,000 children now have uniforms, books and materials, enabling them to go to school and have greater prospects for the future.


The impact of a project in Ethiopia on one boy, Mushi, and his family has been at the heart of powerful KS3 PSHE and upper school RS classes. Aged only 12, he was kidnapped from his village and sold into slavery 400 miles away. Escaping their clutches he reached the capital city, Addias Addaba, and was found on the street by a youth outreach team who have seen all too many cases such as his.  Mushi was given a lot of support while they tried to repair the damage caused by this experience.  He was one of the fortunate ones whose family was traced. We were all moved, some to tears, when they were reunited.

To raise more funds for this work, we had pretty fairy cakes made by Lille Annabelle in First Form, fantastic gingerbread men with red noses for the staff room made beautifully by Mrs Young and Mrs Bell dared to wear the an arch rival’s football shirt for the day. Thus Religious Studies lessons were delivered on Friday by a Liverpool fan in a Manchester United shirt! Well done to everyone involved in raising money.