Mis Compras Locas - 3rd Form Spanish

Over recent weeks the 3rd Form Spanish class have been learning to go 'shopping for clothes', practising key vocabulary and sentence structures. As part of this work they were asked to write their own funny script in a shop, learn it and perform it in class. The progress from the written script to the performance was a challenge as they only had a short time during lessons, however the class showed that they were more than capable and completed much of the work as prep.

Different strategies were used by the groups to achieve a comedic effect and there were some funny characters that came out of the performances. Ellie Ward was a very rude sales person, whereas Luke Chandler's character was extremely flamboyant and eager to sell his clothes. Georgina Bishop was the crazy friend of Karis Wilkinson who would lie and contradict her, leaving Karis extremely confused as to what she should buy. There were also some utterly sarcastic and exaggerated characters played by Julia Lazarus and Zia McCrossen.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience in which students were able to use communicative language in a creative context. The dialogues enabled students to use not only complex structures such as opinions and comparisons, but also everyday language like “I am sorry”, in a memorable and funny way.