5th Form Post Exam Programme

The 5th Form Post Exam Programme completes the KS4 PSHE education. It is a planned programme of learning through which children and young people acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives. The programme is now well under way and the 5th Form have taken part in a number of worthwhile courses and trips.

In its tenth year, our 5ths started off the programme by taking part in a First Aid course. Pupils looked at a range of situations and scenarios that may occur, with the aim of helping them grow in confidence if they ever faced these again. We are delighted that they all passed the course and were highly praised by the trainers as being a credit to the school.

Alongside this, the group were also introduced to a new course to help them gain a greater understanding of the range of skills needed for child minding. As part of this basic introduction to parenting the class looked at appropriate toys, safeguarding issues and risk assessing the environment. Many thanks to the Norman and the Mardsen families for bringing in their children for the pupils to learn from!

The pupils have also ventured outside of the school and were delighted to be able to visit Amaravati, a Theravada Buddhist monastery situated near the village of Great Gaddesden. Their guide was Ajahn Bodhipālā who introduced the pupils to the community, the monastic life and traditions. The group spent much of the visit in the beautiful temple area learning more about meditation and having the opportunity to try it if they wished. Everyone gained an insight into a different philosophical outlook and lifestyle.

Last week the pupils also had a visit from the magistrates educational team who ran a law and order workshop. This culminated in a mock trial that provided a greater understanding of their work in the justice system.

The 5th Form have another couple of weeks left of the programme where they will continue to learn important life skills.