Supermarket Sustainability - 2nd Form Geography

On 24th June, 12 students from 2nd Form went on a rather unusual school trip to Tesco and Marks & Spencer. This was all part of their Geography fieldwork that explored supermarket sustainability. The fieldwork had four aims:

  • To examine which countries fruit and vegetables had been sourced from

  • To assess how much packaging had been used on these products

  • To assess which recycled products were stocked in both stores

  • To analyse consumer attitudes towards sustainable shopping

The class visited both stores and carried out the research in groups. Holly Pearce was particularly excited to be going on a school trip, “even if it’s just to Tesco!”

Once the data had been collected, the class then broke off into groups to put all of the research together. Poppy Wager-Leigh, Luke Shepard, Megan Giles and Louise Rigby wrote terrific summaries of the research, whilst Molly Thomas used the countries of origin for all of the fruits in the survey to create a world map. Basil James and Sereina Mowlem then calculated the distance in miles between these countries and Tring, which revealed just how far each type of fruit had travelled to get to the supermarket shelf. Jacob Edwards was in charge of analysing the data collected by questionnaires that were filled in by members of staff. The various tables, graphs and summaries were then collated into a fantastic research portfolio that is now on display.

As part of this project on supermarket sustainability, the class also designed their own ‘Bags for Life’. The brief was to create a product that was unique, eco-friendly and appropriate for a teenage market. Charlie Mellor, Mizuki Kawamura and Amelia Dunnett designed a fantastic Miley Cyrus inspired bag, with the tagline: ‘we’ve come in like a wrecking ball … it’s not too late to change!’ The designs were then emailed to the major supermarket chains and the class received some terrific feedback!

Aldi responded: “We love the designs and think they have done a fantastic job! Thank you for thinking of us when drawing your bags. It is always a pleasure to receive work such as theirs to show off to our head office. As a thank you for doing such wonderful work, we would like to send you a voucher for you to use in our store!” The voucher will be used to buy some (well deserved) end of year treats for the class.

Meanwhile, Waitrose sent a letter to the school that is shown below.

This was a terrific project to get the class thinking about supermarket sustainability and everyone really enjoyed this hands-on approach to Geography. The class behaved exceptionally well and produced some fantastic work.