Life in the Time of Jesus - 2nd Form RS

In Religious Studies the 2nd Form are looking at the life and times of Jesus. Regardless of personal faith, the influence on human history of one man, born in a stable over two thousand years ago, is considerable: Philosophy, culture, music, art and drama have all been influenced.

As part of this work, the 2nd Form were asked to write about the contrast between life in the time of Jesus compared with today. Speaking of the health of contemporaries 2000 years ago, Ralitsa Ivanova and Tansy Ewington concluded that life wasn’t easy: “there seemed to be more chances of dying than surviving!“

Economic realities were also considered, with the students commenting on the differences between then and now. Emily Whitby-Samways raised the issue of the rich and poor: “there was a big division between them. There might be a division now, but in those days it was massive!”

Lillie Annabelle Eames saw the contrast in the availability of leisure time, with Samuel Hopkins reflecting that: “today for leisure you can go on your computer on phone or play football; back then when Jesus was around we had none of these things. Leisure was a rare thing. Most of the time you would be busy doing something other than having down time.” Grace Taylor expanded on this in relation to the domestic lifestyle. She noted that “housing was a lot different, it was basic with no electricity. Today we have so many gadgets!”

Ffion Elmer neatly concluded: “life was very much the opposite of ours!” The 2nd Form will also be comparing their 21st-century lifestyles with life in Elizabethan England in their History lessons. This should provide them with an understanding of how a person’s time and place can impact on their individual lifestyle.