First Aid Skills - 3rd Form PSHE

In 3rd Form PSHE lessons the group have have been working on First Aid awareness. Through a range of online resources provided by both the St John’s Ambulance and Red Cross, the pupils have been building up skills, knowledge and understanding of what needs to be done in a range of emergency situations. These range from everyday scenarios to the more uncommon, for example earthquakes and other natural disasters. The classes have also explored health and safety issues in the home and how to minimise certain risks.

As Will Darby said, "we learn this because we could save people's lives".  Megan Giles explained that “when you are out and about you will be able to help someone in an emergency." Lauren Hayton felt that learning first aid was rewarding because you know that you could help someone if you really had to.‚Äč

All members of group have now gained a certificate of First Aid Learning from the online resources provided by The British Red Cross. Everyday First Aid makes it easy to learn the skills you'll need to help in an emergency.

A more advanced certificate is done with the 5th Form as part of the Post Exam Programme.