Hier Soir - 2nd Form French

The 2nd Form have recently been studying the past tense in their French lessons, practising both regular and irregular verbs. This work culminated in the 2nd Form producing mind maps in groups, explaining what they did the evening or week before. The class were asked to put in as many details as possible to explain the activities that they did, such as times, days and opinions. Many groups chose to re-do their mind maps once they had been marked so that the final product was perfect.

Daniel Hole and Spencer Vale described how 'hier soir, j'ai mangé une pizza. C'était délicieux!' One of the pair also explained how: 'Hier soir, j'ai fait du roller avec ma soeur, qui s'appelle Lucy''.

Georgia Blakeman, Holly Duckham and Sophie Cleaver chose to talk about what they did last week: 'Lundi nous avons nagé à douze heures. Jeudi j'ai joué au tennis avec mon père'. The group practised using both avoir (to have) and être (to be) in their descriptions, which will really help them as they progress in the subject.

Some examples of these amazing pieces of work have been included below: