Prep Entrepreneurs - The Fiver Challenge

Between 6th June and 1st July, Tring Park Preps will be taking part in The Fiver Challenge, hoping to raise as much money as possible from a £5 note.

The Fiver Challenge, supported by Virgin Money, provides a highly interactive, fun way of introducing financial literacy, resilience and teamwork for primary school pupils. Pupils have one month to set up a mini business and create a product or service they can then sell or deliver at a profit and engage with their local community.

The fiver is provided on loan from Virgin Money. Pupils are in full control of the profits they earn and get to decide what to spend them on, for example: a school trip; a day out; resources for the classroom; or donating their profit to a charity. To their credit, the consensus among the Preps was to support a range of good causes. The planning stages have already been really interesting; the preps have been using their ICT lessons to create promotional materials and set up spreadsheets.

Please support them; we aim to do a school fair so that they can sell their goods in house before the end of term. More details on the scheme can be found here: