5th Form Post Exam Activities

The 5th Form Post Exam Programme has begun with a special visit to Amaravati, a Theravada Buddhist monastery situated at the eastern end of the Chiltern Hills near Great Gaddesden.

The purpose of Amaravati Monastery is to provide a place of practice for monastics in the Forest Tradition, whose shared intention is the realisation of Nibbana, freedom from all mental suffering. It is also open to guests and visitors who wish to come and stay in a place where there is the opportunity to develop mindfulness, to explore spiritual teachings, and to contribute to the life of the community.


The 5th Form were guided by Ajahn Nyanarato, deputy Abbot who gave a valuable insight into the Buddhist perspectives and philosophies on life and death.

Other useful highlights of the programme include a First Aid certificate. The British Red Cross in partnership with British Heart Foundation and St John Ambulance have been spearheading a campaign to make First Aid part of the school curriculum. At Tring Park we are proud to have been doing this work with various groups in school for over twelve years.

The 5th Form have also been looking at the issues surrounding young drivers; as this group will turn 17 and thus be of the age to learn to drive. Our 5th Form have been working through a free, award-winning, online, e-learning platform called Drive IQ that uses proven science and interactive technology to develop skills for hazard perception, danger anticipation, eye scanning, risk assessment and more.

An Ambassador for Drive IQ  is BBC TV presenter Sophie Morgan who paralyzed from the chest down in a horrific car crash following an A-Level results party - she was sober, seat belted and only 18 at the time. Sophie says: “I know if I had been given something like Drive iQ, I wouldn’t be in a wheelchair today. This is all the stuff they don’t tell you when you learn to drive - but it is actually the stuff you really need to know in order to avoid crashes, improve observations and cope with distractions. Please, please tell every young person you know about Drive iQ. Completing it may save a life or a serious injury like mine.” here is a parental page on the Drive IQ website portal http://www.driveiq.co.uk/parents.html.