3rd Form Visit to IWM

The 3rd Form recently visited the Imperial War Museum’s Holocaust Galleries as part of their History and RS studies.

Abrielle Preston reports on her experience:

“As soon as we went into the exhibition, I immediately saw all different kinds of family photographs from the era.  It helped us focus on the individuals who lost their lives in the Holocaust. They were so “normal” and then the photographs became horrific as they showed the terrible events in Nazi occupied Europe. There were lots of fascinating artifacts and I was very struck by seeing a wagon standing on a track, used to deport the Jewish communities to the death camps. Underneath there were copies of letters that people had written from these wagons to say goodbye as they guessed they wouldn’t returned; they threw them out in the hope that they would reach their beloved family. Also on display there were a small number of the actual shoes that were worn and then removed from the people. The fact that they had been with a person who had experience the traumatic events made me think. All over the museum there were opportunities to listen to the stories of the survivors; many were my age when they experienced such a terrible time in history, yet they were still prepared to talk about it. I found the museum very interesting and educational; some of the things that  we saw were a shocking reminder of the Nazi era.  A window frame from the Twin Towers was on display in their new gallery on terrorism. This was another interesting artifact that reminded us of how fortunate we are to have, generally, a good and peaceful life."

Taking our pupils here for the first time was an interesting experience for the staff.  We had never seen the normally exuberant 3rd Form so silent as they went through the exhibition; it was clear that really engaged well with the exhibition’s powerful stories.