An unforgettable experience....

In days after Holocaust Memorial Day, it was appropriate that a Religious Studies, PSHE and History trip to the Holocaust Galleries of the Imperial War Museum took place. The Holocaust Exhibition tells the story of the Nazi persecution of the Jews and other groups before and during the Second World War. The origins and implementation of the ‘Final Solution’ are laid bare, with photographs, documents, artefacts, posters and film offering stark evidence of how persecution turned to mass extermination.

Our Third Form pupils clearly gained a lot from the experience; their thoughtful silence as they engaged with this powerful exhibition is quite the contrast from the lively souls we see around school.  We have nothing but praise for their attitude and approach.

In a workshop to help us gain a deep understanding of how artefacts can be used to communicate history, we were introduced to this replica toy from the exhibit, as the real one is so fragile.  This clockwork bear was owned by Paul Sondhoff, a Jewish teenager from Vienna. This is one of the few things that he had when he was being hidden in a cramped cupboard by his piano teacher in Vienna for several years.  

Here are some of their comments from the thank you letters that have been written to the Education Team at the IMW: Lambeth.

“I am thankful that I was shown what happened…; I glad that I now understand” reflected Markus

“It made me think about how lucky I am today even if the world is far from perfect, at least there is a general feeling of acceptance” commented Lara

“I can’t thank you enough… today is a day that I will never forget” said Caitlin

“I hope to come back one day to show my family” said Dulcie

“I think that this has positively impacted my learning and my perspective greatly” remarked Kyanne

Sarah Bell