Starting a new term at Tring Park

"During my first few days at Tring Park I was welcomed with open arms by the students, teachers and staff members. Understandably, it took a few days to adjust to how everything works but everyone helped with answering my questions and making sure I knew where I was going. Vocational classes are led by professional teachers who know exactly how to help you reach your best abilities. Tring Park assured me and my parents that academics were strongly supported even though it was a performing arts school. As soon as I started I immediately knew I was getting all the Academics I needed to get good marks in my future exams." Arabella who has joined us in 3rd Form

"My first three weeks at Tring Park have absolutely amazing! I have enjoyed every second of it. It is different from my last school because wherever I go there is someone to help me. The atmosphere is so lovely; it is a real community here."  Evie in Preps a new pupil here

"Returning to school and starting First Form has been different and fun.  It is as change but I am enjoying the moving about to different classroom as each one has a different atmosphere. TA is going well; it neither too hard or too easy!" Maya here before,  now in First Form

"Starting with the first week, I had my the first experience of Academic here  and I actually found them  fun. Vocational classes are a lot of hard work; already I have learnt a lot. In the second week I got to know a lot of the people in my class.  This is the third week and I am starting to settle completely."  Rudy in First Form

"Boarding here has been enjoyable; I have got some good friends. I am pleased to report that I am settled!  If we have a tidy dorm and have been good we get some awesome rewards including pancakes!"   Tom a returning pupil in First Form

"Vocationally I am really loving  the dance course because it is technically challenging and also enjoyable. It is stretching me. Having the chance to dance for longer is so special. However, I am looking forward to seeing my family  for Exeat." Paige a new member of First Form

 "Having all of this knowledge at my fingertips is such a fantastic opportunity I can’t explain it, The vocational studies are amazing, they teach you to charge head on  when a challenge approaches, it’s a very valuable lesson, and I as a 1st form will have that attitude to work until I die!  In vocational and academics. I can’t wait to see what challenges lie ahead for me and my entire form."  Emma in First Form