Great Junior Maths Challenge results

We have many gifted mathematicians in 1st and 2nd Form!

Last term we reported the results of the Intermediate Maths Challenge, and now it is the turn of our Juniors. The Junior Maths Challenge is a national competition run by the UK Mathematics Trust. It is aimed at those in 2nd Form or below. We have received the results from this competition and are delighted to say that many of our students achieved excellent results. A special mention goes to the following students:

Celina 2nd Form – Gold Award

Paige 1st Form – Silver Award

Elliot 1st Form – Silver Award

Charlotte 2nd Form – Bronze Award

Maya 1st Form – Bronze Award

We had several other students who were close to the threshold for an award.

We have had feedback that this was a positive experience for them which has underpinned the problem-solving nature of the Maths curriculum. For those students in 1st Form, they will have the opportunity to participate in the Junior Maths Challenge again next year, while our 2nd Form students may have the opportunity to take part in the Intermediate Maths Challenge next year.  

Once again, well done to all who took on this endeavor and congratulations to those who achieved an award!