Learning languages

Our Tring Park family is a multi-lingual one: several different languages are spoken among our students and teachers. We currently have learners studying, not only our curricular languages French and Spanish, but also Italian, German, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. In the last few years students have been able to complete GCSE or A-Level qualifications in many different languages including Turkish, Polish, Welsh and Japanese. This wide variety shows the multicultural nature of our wonderful school.

As part of a link between  our MFL Dept. and PSHE Dept. to celebrate the European Day of Languages we have conducted our regular languages’ audit. 

Languages spoken in our school include:

·Afrikaans, ·Arabic, ·Catalan, ·Cantonese, ·Dutch, ·French, ·German, ·Hebrew, ·Italian, ·Japanese, ·Korean, ·Mandarin, ·Polish, ·Portuguese, ·Russian, ·Spanish, ·Swedish, ·Turkish, ·Welsh 

Language learning  opens the door to a deeper understanding of different cultures. Speaking several languages is one of the best exercises that your brain can get to maintain cognitive function throughout life. Furthermore, as many alumni will testify, it helps with work and travel opportunities. 

The performing arts world is full of people with linguistic abilities. Actor Will Smith is a Spanish speaker, as is Ben Affleck. Due to her German mother, Sandra Bullock is bilingual in German and English.  Colin Firth speaks the language of his wife's country, Italian. Colombian singer Shakira, due to her heritage,  speaks English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese as well as Arabic. These are just but a few examples of the importance of learning languages.