World Mental Health Day

In the Lower School, we are studying wellbeing as part of the Penn Resilience Programme that helps deliver strategies to help wellbeing as well as problem-solving in all aspects of their lives. The 3rd Form, in particular are looking at the nature of relationships, including the ones that benefit us and the ones that are more toxic. 

Our 4th and 5th Form have had input from Elevate to help them with study skills.  By having a series of sessions over the GCSE years, we hope to bolster and boost skills to strengthen learning; wellbeing ideas are inherent in their approach, see link for further details: They also focused on avoiding distractions and blockers, how to use organisational app and meditation aids to help with mindfulness.

Our 6th Form started the year with a series of wellbeing sessions to help them develop their awareness of such matters as they move into a different stage of learning. They will be having regular sessions as part of their vocational programme throughout the year.

Last month, at the inaugural Industry Minds Awards, our former Head Girl, Raffaella Covino, won three awards for her pioneering work in this area. She founded Applause for Thought, a non-profit organisation that provides free and low cost mental health support, talks and workshops to those working in the entertainment industry.  Applause for Thought aims to provide a safe environment for performers to learn more about balancing their mental health whilst pursuing a career in the performing arts. We are delighted and have really benefited from Raff visiting us to talk to our 6th Form last term.