Centrepoint - support for homeless young people

The beautiful Tring Park GCSE RS groups' Christmas tradition continues as every year the groups recognise that this should be the season to be thoughtful and thankful, even though the commercial elements are  emphasised. 

Thus chocolate treats at Christmas are forgone and a suitable charity is chosen that chimes in with the curriculum, as compassion is a core element of both Buddhism and Christianity

This year the good cause we selected Centrepoint which is the UK's leading youth homelessness charity. Together with their partner groups, they  support over 15,000 young people every year. Centrepoint gives homeless young people a place to stay while they get the help they need to move on to independence. They give young people the opportunity to complete their education, gain skills and prepare for a career.

Our gift will help sponsor a counselling session as well as a health check for a vulnerable young person. As anticipated, the work of this charity has caused a lot of discussion and increased awareness for those less fortunate than themselves.