In the Lower School PSHE one of the key themes has been resilience.  As an illustration of this has been a remarkable series on the BBC. In Liberia, Jim and Jenny Desmond have become surrogate parents to 21 orphan chimps. They have been rescued from the illegal pet trade;  their mothers were shot to get the babies and then became bush-meat. Via "virtual Tring Park School) ie email , the pupils have participated in a lesson regarding how the Desmonds have shown resilience in their work. 
Another PSHE theme is global awareness to help our pupil learn more and reflect on their place in it. Environmental education is also part of the curriculum.  Watching these programmes has lead to action,  with the usual Easter Egg treat money from Mrs Bell going on sponsoring 2 chimps Ella and Rudy. These happen to me names in Mrs Bell's mentor group - so we took it as a sign. 
In the email to her pupils at this rather challenging time, Mrs Bell hopefully cheered them up by saying .... "we have become adopted parents!"