Tales from the Home Front

Our wonderful Tring Park family have been sending messages of support to our teachers who have been working hard all week to provide a stimulating educational experience for pupils.

Parent 1

Hi Miss Shaw, 

"Just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for all the plans being put in place this must be such a mammoth task for you to organise! I am so relieved to have such contact and routine being put in place and I know Stanley will benefit from this hugely! Please pass on our thanks to all. "

Parent 2
"I have been amazed that Phoebe has received each of her lessons on time as per her timetable and they have been specific learning sessions, not just a time-filler or fun session. This has meant that she has remained focused and determined to succeed.   It has also been lovely to see the teachers adding some humour into their communications and the students face-timing each other so that they feel like they are actually in class.
Being a part of Tring Park School has been a dream of Phoebe's for some time, and you know how sometimes when you have strived and dreamed and wished for something for so long, getting it can be sometimes be a bit of a let down...not so with Tring...you continue to far outstrip my expectations and her dreams and for that I will always be so very grateful!"
Parent 3

"Just to say all is going as well as can be expected so far. Today the 3rd Form had a remote class with Miss Ho where they could hear her and their fellow class mates. It was lovely to walk past and hear them asking questions and supporting each other! 


They have also set up their own independent FaceTime groups for specific subjects which are keeping them connected and are being very supportive of each other.   It is giving the Third Form a routine and a purpose to get up and being kept busy which stops them from thinking too much about what is happening. The lack of contact is our main concern as going forward they are going to really start to miss the Tring community.


May we send our support and thanks to all of the staff as the effort and hard work to set up these new ways of teaching can’t have been easy.   We will do all we can to support you all from home.


Best wishes and stay well!"