Tring Park Alumna Ruth Brill creates homage to Eve Pettinger MBE

Tring Park Alumna Ruth Brill creates homage to Eve Pettinger MBE

Tring Park extended a warm welcome to former pupil Ruth Brill who spent last week working with and creating a piece for the Third and Fourth Year Sixth Form dancers, in honour of Eve Pettinger MBE.  Having had a career as a classical dancer first with English National Ballet and then Birmingham Royal Ballet, Ruth is now a talented choreographer and Artistic Director of London Children’s Ballet.

Following her visit, Ruth said

“It has been a pleasure to come back to create this ballet for Encore at Tring Park. Eve Pettinger is an incredible woman, and her dedication to the profession is legendary. I was fortunate to have trained with her during my time at Tring. I have so much to thank her for. I was invited to study the Cecchetti syllabus privately with her, out of the generosity of her heart. Her teaching, care and inspiration were a sure foundation and enabled me to go on to a professional classical career with English National Ballet & Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Now things have come full circle and it is an honour to be invited back to Tring as a choreographer for this commission created for and supported by Eve. It is a showcase for them focussed on style, elegance and quality. I hope I can pass on some of the inspiration she has given me, to the talented young dancers preparing to go out into the professional world.”

Co-Director of Dance and Artisitic Director of Encore, Antony Dowson added

“Eve Pettinger devoted a lifetime to the Arts Educational School and Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, an association that still exists, albeit more distanced than either would desire at the moment!

The Encore Dance Company were on tour when Eve came to see a show near her home in Ipswich. After the performance she spoke of her wish to sponsor a Classical Ballet created by Ruth.  Ruth has created an elegant homage to Eve.”

Photo Credit : Alice O’Brien