GCSE & A Levels offered

GCSE Exam Boards
Subject Exam Board
Biology EDEXCEL (IGCSE)***
Chemistry EDEXCEL (IGCSE)***
Drama WJEC
English Language CIE (IGCSE)***
English Literature CIE (IGCSE)***
French AQA
Geography AQA (IGCSE)***
History AQA
Mathematics AQA
Physics EDEXCEL (IGCSE)***
Religious Studies AQA
Spanish AQA
Science (double) EDEXCEL (IGCSE)***
Performing Arts WJEC


***NB.  International GSCEs do not contribute to overall results in UK schools' league tables.  This means that our school's position in those league tables is substantially lower than it would otherwise be and is not an accurate reflection of our results.


A Level Exam Boards
Subject Exam Board
Art & Design AQA

AQA (AS) new A Level

OCR (A2) old A Level

Business Studies AQA
Performing Arts Cambridge Technical
Chemistry OCR
Dance AQA
English Literature


Film Studies WJEC
French AQA
Further Mathematics EDEXCEL (AS) new A Level; AQA (A2) old A Level
Geography AQA

OCR (AS) new A Level

AQA (A2) old A Level



Media Studies WJEC
Music WJEC
Music Technology EDEXCEL
Spanish AQA
Philosophy AQA
Physics OCR
Psychology AQA
Photography AQA
Theatre Studies WJEC


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