Chrysalis London Company Overview

Founded in 2014 under the direction of Jodie Blemings, Chrysalis London is a new breed of contemporary dance company; capturing the energy, excitement and raw hunger of brand new talent. Delivering an edgy, eclectic and diverse repertoire, Chrysalis London harnesses the explosive impact new dancers produce, driving their development through exhilarating and original choreography.

As much at home within a theatre as within a fashion show or event, Chrysalis London combines artistic integrity with an urban edge to push the boundaries and challenge the ideals of contemporary dance, broadening its appeal.

The Company draws from London’s eclectic street culture, feeding from the cultural heart of the city and remaining at the epicentre of its creative and cutting edge surroundings. Contemporary dance is the core foundation of the company, drawing inspiration from fashion, art, music and design in the relentless pursuit to create work both provocative and beautiful that always enthralls and engages.

Chrysalis London has been created in association with Tring Park School for the Performing Arts.

It was while founder and Artistic Director Jodie Blemings was working at Tring Park  that his goal of having a company came to fruition. Working part-time with a new group of students each school term wasn’t enough to keep the style developing and Jodie realised that in order to further his vision, it would be necessary to select a number of dancers with whom he could work closely over a longer period of time. Jodie knew that to keep the essence of his work, he would need the same level of hunger to progress that he was used to receiving from students and so turned to graduates. Fresh from training with their enthusiasm and passion for dance running high, graduates are at a pivotal stage in their career and Jodie wanted to offer further training, guidance and performance experience. He wanted to help mould these dancers into artists, giving them a tool with which to mature their technique as they gain valuable life experience, free from the constraints of a school environment.

Tring Park saw the potential in his vision and formed a partnership with Blemings resulting in the birth of Chrysalis London: a new breed of contemporary dance company specifically designed for graduate dancers of exceptional talent.

“In many ways Chrysalis London is unclassifiable. Yes, it is a graduate company, however for the first time we will not only be looking to give our dancers more professional experience but will be using their individual strengths to create something special and unique all under one umbrella. My vision is not just a dance company but a company with edge and innovation, constantly evolving fresh ideas across many different fields.  Chrysalis London will be a melting pot of skills and creativity, and I’m looking forward to the journey into the unknown!”   Jodie Blemings

To find out more about Chrysalis Dance London click on the link Chrysalis Dance London

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