Performance Foundation Course

Performance Foundation Course - a solid grounding in core techniques

The Performance Foundation Course is designed to act as the bedrock of a career in the Performing Arts.

The Performance Foundation Course gives pupils the opportunity to use and develop their skills and talents in live performances, so they can make the right choices about the future direction of their career and education.

The Performance Foundation Course is taken in the Fourth and Fifth Forms (Years 10-11), after pupils have completed the Theatre Arts Course.  The Course is undertaken in preparation for progression to either the Drama or Musical Theatre Courses in the Sixth Form.

Course overview

In the first term pupils audition for either a musical or a play, both of which will be showcased in the Markova Theatre.  In the subsequent terms of the Performance Foundation Course there will be the option to participate in either a Drama or a Musical Theatre project, which may culminate in an in-house performance.

At the end of the second year of the Performance Foundation course, Fifth Form pupils will have a sound grounding in:

  • Acting
  • Singing
  • Dancing

The Performance Foundation Course is delivered by teachers with extensive professional performance experience with a pupil-centred philosophy.

During the two year course our pupils are given the opportunity to audition for and take part in two musicals and two plays which are performed in the Markova Theatre and they are also offered the chance to audition for several external performances. There is one major assessment per school year where all core skills are assessed and the results discussed in detail with individual pupils.

The Course


The Performance Foundation Course provides professional training in core acting skills including:


Intensive work on performance and acting through song

  • Estill voice/ technique classes to promote healthy voice use. Individual voice problem-solving opportunities.
  • Music theory classes to enhance professional skills pertinent to a potential career in performing


  • Classical Ballet, Jazz and Tap dance classes with a strong emphasis on performance through dance
  • Body Conditioning classes will help to build core strength, flexibility and cardio-vascular fitness
  • Repertoire classes/ workshops where industry professionals teach repertoire direct from West End shows past and present.

At the end of their two years, pupils will be in a position to be able to make an informed choice about their Sixth Form study and career development.

For more information please email Louisa Shaw Head of the Performance Foundation Course or Tel. 01442 821513.

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