Learning Support

At Tring Park School we offer an exciting, challenging and diverse learning experience. We recognise that each pupil has their own individual strengths, talents and needs and we are dedicated to providing a supportive environment which actively helps and encourages every pupil to achieve their full potential. Learning Support is, therefore, integral to the school's provision.  

Who receives Learning Support?

A pupil at Tring Park School may require additional learning support if he/she has a learning difficulty which calls for special educational provision to be made. Learning difficulties may result from a number of circumstances. For example, a pupil may have a specific learning difficulty (SpLD) resulting from some form of dyslexia or dyspraxia. There may be social, emotional or behavioural difficulties which prevent the pupil from achieving their potential, or which hinder successful integration into the life of the school.

Pupils may have learning difficulties either throughout or at a specific time during their school career, such as a physical or medical condition (either temporary or permanent) which presents difficulties of access to facilities or participation in school activities. Support is available from the Learning Support Department for pupils for whom English is an additional language. We also recognise that many of our pupils are gifted and talented and as such have needs which must be addressed.

How is Learning Support delivered?

The Learning Support Department aims to provide sympathetic help for pupils with special educational needs, enhancing their self-esteem and enabling them to develop as independent learners. We aim to ensure that curriculum planning, teaching and assessment take account of a pupil’s individual needs. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be drawn up for any pupil with a special educational need who requires additional support, which is adhered to by all teachers. Multi-sensory teaching methods are employed to utilise every pathway to learning.  The Learning Support staff are all experienced and well-qualified professionals in their field.

Individual or small group tuition may be offered to those pupils where a special educational need has been identified by the Learning Support Department, by an educational psychologist or by a medical professional. There is no additional charge for support lessons, which are organised on a rotational basis and can be either an hour or half an hour per week. We also have three Learning Support Assistants who provide in-class support in academic lessons.


Suzanne Kennedy, Head of Learning Support

For more information please email Suzanne Kennedy or phone 01442 821 685.

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