Introduction to the Vocational Curriculum

Tring Park is one of only nine specialist residential schools in the UK supported by the Government’s Music and Dance Scheme. These schools have been selected for their excellence in all aspects of the Performing Arts and at Tring Park we are constantly working to improve and develop in order to maintain the highest possible standards. 

Tring Park is unique in the breadth of study undertaken by our pupils. We believe that it is not only vital to encourage them to aim for excellence in their vocational choices but also to gain the widest possible skill-set to allow them to fulfil their potential. We achieve this by offering a range of course options to allow pupils to focus on their chosen specialism, whilst studying a broad range of supporting subjects. All of our courses work in a cross-curricular manner, to encourage a cohesive approach to learning with the aim of expanding the eventual destinations for our pupils.  Our Vocational Courses are designed to allow each pupil to achieve their maximum potential and explore all aspects of the Performing Arts in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment.

Junior School

Our First to Fourth Form pupils can choose to specialise in either Dance or Performance Foundation Junior. Both courses include a wide range of Dance, Drama and Music classes, with the emphasis on the aspects of the Performing Arts which most interest and inspire them.

Middle School

In the Fourth Form the options increase: Performance Foundation pupils are able to pursue their studies in Musical Theatre or Drama, whilst still studying all aspects of the Arts in depth. Pupils on the Dance Course focus with greater intensity on the dance styles most suited to them.

Senior School

In the Sixth Form the courses are more specialised.  Students are guided towards Dance, Musical Theatre, Acting or Commercial Music with the aim of selecting the area of the Performing Arts in which they hope to pursue a career. There is also a close cross-curricular link with the Academic side of the pupil’s studies, with many pupils undertaking A level Theatre Studies, A level Dance and A level Film Studies.

Throughout their time at Tring Park our pupils can choose to undertake extra- curricular classes in singing or a number of musical instruments to enhance their studies. Pupils are also able to participate in a wide range of school choirs and instrumental groups.

All vocational courses produce their own shows in which pupils are able to gain vital performance skills and put into practice the lessons learnt in the studio. Tring Park responds to invitations to perform from organisations outside School giving our pupils a range of performance opportunities in a variety of settings.

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