Another excellent year for GCSEs

Tring Park School for the Performing Arts is thrilled to announce another year of outstanding GCSE results for their year 11 pupils.

This year’s candidates have worked extremely hard, which is reflected in their results today. Across the 19 subjects offered at GCSE and IGCSE our pupils have achieved significantly above the 9-7 national average, with 38% of them achieving these grades. We are proud of the 12% of pupils who achieved a 9 grade, which is nearly three times the national average.

A special mention needs to go to the school’s highest achievers; Louis Swanepoel (4 9s, 3A*s and 1 8), Rosalie Roger-Lacan (three 9s, four A*s and three 8s), Luke Shepard (three 9s, three A*s and three 8s), Poppy Wager-Leigh (pictured left with teacher Hannah Love.  Poppy has gained two 9s, two A*s, two 8s, two As), Basil James (one 9, three A*s, one 8 and two As) and Jacob Edwards (one 9, three A*s, four 8s and two As).

Principal Stefan Anderson said “In 2017 we had some of our highest GCSE results ever. It is remarkable that we have improved on this yet again. The pupils have worked extremely hard with the constant support of the outstanding teachers at Tring Park, who have helped the pupils to achieve these impressive results.