A visit to Auschwitz

The Holocaust Education Trust's 'Lessons from Auschwitz Project'.

Last week Jacob and Olivia made a memorable trip.  They went to Poland to visit Auschwitz Concentration Camp as part of the Holocaust Educational Trust's groundbreaking Lessons from Auschwitz Project.

Since 1999, over 38,000 students and teachers have taken part; getting a place on this project is not easy.  We were last able to send pupils ten years ago.  Based on the premise that 'hearing is not like seeing', this four-part course explores the universal lessons of the Holocaust and its relevance for today.  The LFA Project aims to increase knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust for young people and to clearly highlight what can happen if prejudice and racism become acceptable.

Olivia and Jacob are doing a 'Next Steps' Project and upon submission to the Holocaust Educational Trust they will become Holocaust Ambassadors.