Supporting Tring Park School for the Performing Arts

"Tring Park School’s underlying commitment is to nurture creativity and to aim for excellence at all times. To successfully fulfil this pledge means investing in modern facilities and talented teachers and widening access to the most gifted pupils. Our challenge now is to fill the funding gap between School income and the considerable expenditure required to deliver the School’s vision."

Stefan Anderson

The Charity

As a fairly young charity, Tring Park has no significant endowment to assist with the funding of major capital projects or for the provision of Scholarships and Bursaries. Tring Park is different from most other independent schools however, as it stands at the forefront of artistic specialist education in the UK with talent and artistic potential being the only criteria for entry. The School is responsible for not only educating but also training the next generation of dancers, musical theatre performers and actors. In order to maintain its competitive edge and reputation for exceptional vocational training it is absolutely essential that the School invests in improving its facilities and providing greater support for students.

School fees are very carefully managed and directed to fund academic and vocational tuition and resources associated with a specialist boarding school. The priority that is given to these areas means that the cost of special projects, new buildings and increased student support cannot be funded out of surpluses alone.


Fundraising has become fundamental to Tring Park’s Development Plan to ensure the School attracts and retains the best pupils and is able to complete high-priority capital projects sooner than would otherwise be possible, to benefit current students as well as future generations. For a relatively small school these dual fundraising goals represent a huge challenge and are together the focus for the Tring Park School Grand Ambitions Campaign. Your support and generosity will allow us to move forward and maintain our position as one of the leading specialist Performing Arts Schools in the United Kingdom.

If you feel able to support the school in any way please email our Business Director Stephen Robinson or Tel. 01442 821678

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