Why support a student?

"No words can describe my complete gratitude to you. You have given me an opportunity to pursue my ambition to become a professional performer and for that I am unbelievably thankful. Without your support I simply could not have trained at Tring Park and would not be able to live my dream."

Musical Theatre Bursary Student 

The specialist nature of the vocational courses available at Tring Park are not provided by the State sector meaning that many of the School’s pupils come from families that would not ordinarily have chosen independent education. Demand for a place at the School is extremely high with entry based on a rigorous audition process emphasising artistic talent and potential. Every year many families face the difficult situation of their son or daughter gaining a place at the School based on their artistic ability but then not having the financial means to pay for the high fees associated with such specialist independent education.

The costs associated with providing an independent specialist performing arts and academic education are high – basic fees are currently currently over £156,600 to fund each boarding pupil through First to Fifth Form and over £67,000 for two year Sixth Form courses.

These are clearly large commitments, but represent an immensely worthwhile investment in helping Tring Park students achieve their ambitions to become not just highly trained performers, but ‘thinking’ performers fully prepared for life with a strong academic education. At any one time around 47% of pupils at Tring Park benefit from some level of financial support. Receiving a Scholarship or Bursary to study at Tring Park can literally transform the life of the recipient and has the potential to become the springboard for a future career in the Arts.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships are traditionally awarded for particular talent (ie. Musical Theatre, Dance, Acting, or Commercial Music) and Bursaries are primarily awarded on the basis of financial need. Awards can vary in size from a few hundred pounds right up to full fees. Supporters can contribute at any level to the general student Scholarship & Bursary Fund or in the case of gifts of £5,000 or more a Scholarship or Bursary Award can be established in the name of the donor, Charitable Trust or Company. Partial or full scholarships/bursaries can be funded on an annual basis or permanently endowed to create a lasting legacy that will encourage and support talented young people for generations to come.

Supporting an annual or endowed Scholarship or Bursaries Award is a tremendously rewarding experience for benefactors who gain insight into the education and training of the individual pupil/s they are supporting, through progress reports and the opportunity to attend student performances.

For more information about Tring Park’s Scholarship and Bursaries Funds, please contact our Business Director, Stephen Robinson or Tel. +44 (0) 1442 821678.

To find out how to make a gift please see the Ways to Donate page.

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