Message from the Head Girl and Head Boy

Josianne Germann

Monday 2nd September 2013 is when I arrived at Ting Park School for the Performing Arts. I remember thinking to myself “Oh yeah Josi you’re home now”. As a child of the world who has lived in five countries across three continents, I have been exposed to many homes.

Tring Park has been my home for the past four years and, being so far away from my family, it has also become my second family; the friendships I have built here are eternal. Now this may sound clichéd given that “everyone says it” but there is a reason why everyone does. It’s because it’s true. One might assume that Tring Park is only known for teaching students to keep the right turnout position or keeping your voice in vibrato. However there are copious other lessons that the teachers and students teach other. The most crucial lesson Tring Park has taught me is confidence. Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. And with the support of my friends and teachers all these years I can confidently say that I have deep love and faith for Tring Park. My passion for singing has been around for as long as I can remember and my 12-year-old self was surprised and excited that there was a place in the world that I could go and be able to sing at the top of my lungs in the hallways without people thinking I was crazy……  

I am eternally grateful that Tring Park has given me the opportunity and responsibility to represent this prestigious school. Tring Park has given me the opportunity to voice my opinions and to represent the opinions of the entire student body. I would be foolish to not mention the incredible staff that we are surrounded by 24/7ranging from our astute academic teachers to our houseparents who make boarding that much more loving and caring. The staff are so understanding of the busy school life that we all have which doesn’t mean you get away with everything, but they are by far the most dedicated and outstanding people to have educating you for your future.

“People with great passion can make the impossible happen”. This quote reflects the work being done at Tring Park where they create hard-working, dedicated and passionate students who will excel in their career.

For that reason it is an honour for me to represent a school that I believe gives every pupil the opportunity to shine.


Charles Waddell

My four, short, years at Tring Park have felt exactly that. This is not to say I haven’t used my time well at Tring; it’s just that I don’t believe there’s anywhere else in the world with quite so much on offer and time truly flies by!

The thing that struck me most when joining Tring Park was their crucial understanding of the umbrella term that is performing arts, and consequently all the avenues that a performer can pursue. This means that whilst there are 4 distinctive courses in Sixth Form, of Dance, Musical Theatre, Acting and Commercial Music, the facilities and dedicated staff of all four are available to any pupil. Combine this with the teachers’ expert knowledge of the ever-changing industry and it equips a performer who is diversely talented to take on multiple challenges in their future careers.

However, future careers can evolve, and I myself have gone through many different phases of what to do and this doesn’t exclude the academics. When I joined in year 10 I had been at a comprehensive school with 2000 other students following the National Curriculum to the letter in classes of roughly 30. Therefore, it was a shock to come to Tring Park and experience a whole different type of learning; one that’s tailored to the student’s individual needs and strengths in a class of which some had only 5 people- including the teacher!

So, with 10 A* to B grade GCSEs and going into my last year of A Levels in Business, Film and Maths, Tring Park has definitely equipped me with my “plan B” resources. But more than that, I think Tring Park appreciates the balance of vocational training and academics as a way of producing more informed performers.

When my mum dropped me off at the gates and waved me goodbye I think we were both anxious as to what a boarding school would be like. Would I miss home? Would the boys I was sharing with like me? Would I have to start tidying my own room?! All these doubts melted away instantly after meeting the staff and students I’d be living alongside. From the lively, always up for a chat, nurses, to the pastoral adopted mothers and fathers who picked me up when I was down and taught me how not to burn popcorn in the microwave, right the way to the caretaker who’s probably setting up a FIFA tournament in the common room. And yes, by the way, you do have to tidy your own room!

Tring Park is a community of all backgrounds and beliefs and the mutual respect crosses between students and staff alike. From the Preps right the way up to Mr Anderson, everyone one at Tring Park is working towards one common goal of developing creativity and inspiring innovation in the performing arts.

The constant show opportunities in every department at all age levels are a reminder of what could be in store for the future, and the professionalism of the theatre facilities and staff are an experience you can learn from.

For those who are passionate and determined to achieve their full potential Tring Park is the place it’ll happen.

Life at Tring Park


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