Pupils have the option to experience life at a private boarding school from Year 6 onwards. Accommodation is arranged by age and gender, and boarders live in one of three onsite houses, each with its own unique character.

Around 60% of our pupils are boarders. Each boarding house is led by a full-time residential Senior Housemistress/master who heads up a team of residential and non-residential pastoral staff. These houseparents’ work hard to provide a caring and nurturing environment within the boarding houses in order to create a ‘home from home’ for our boarders.

All of the houses boast a strong sense of community where creativity thrives and activities such as music, choreography and sketch-writing are a daily occurrence. Pupils can also sign up for a full programme of weekend activities and trips.

The younger pupils enjoy the camaraderie of larger rooms, which helps them to settle in to our community and make new friends; as pupils move up through the school, they have the choice of smaller rooms and all pupils from the Fourth Form and up have their own private desk in their room from which to study. Each house has a variety of comfortable common rooms that allow pupils to relax and socialise.

Mansion House

Mansion House is home to our female boarders, conveniently situated on the top two floors of the Tring Park Mansion where vocational lessons take place.

In August of 2021 we asked Envoplan to renovate our boarding spaces to become a ‘home away from home’ for our students; to bring comfort and calmness and to provide students with areas to relax and study.


The Tring Park Mansion was originally designed by Christopher Wren in 1685, one of the most highly acclaimed architects in history. 

Elizabeth House

Elizabeth House building consists of three floors and a lower ground floor, which contains a state-of-the art boarding house for 70 pupils, six academic and vocational teaching spaces, a theatre workshop, two staff apartments and other pupil facilities.

Pupils can enjoy cooking facilities, common rooms, drink and snack rooms and quiet study rooms.

Elizabeth House opened in September 2019 for our Sixth Form pupils, and was designed by Burrell Foley Fischer, who also designed the school’s Park Studios. 

Clock House

James Gibbs designed the Clock House in 1709. It was once used as a stable block for the Rothschild family.
Clock House is a Grade 2 listed building, housing all our male boarders at Tring Park and also a small group of Sixth Form girls in a self-contained flat.

In summer of 2022, the living and communal spaces in Clock House were upgraded and now our students enjoy an Xbox games room, American diner inspired kitchen area and a cosy ski lodge themed common room/kitchen.

The clock housed in the Clock House is dated 1839 and was built by a very well-reputed clock and chronometer maker called J.P. Paine.