Our balanced curriculum sets us apart from other schools and provides pupils with a well-rounded education, enabling them to achieve high academic excellence and versatility as a performer.


Tring Park School is a co-educational boarding and day school based in Hertfordshire, UK. Pupils receive rigorous training in the performing arts, that is combined with an extensive academic programme of study. Our Preps benefit from a unique private school education with an emphasis on performing arts and creativity. From Year 7, pupils can specialise in either Dance or Performance Foundation, with the option to focus on Dance, Commercial Music, Musical Theatre or Acting at Sixth Form level.

Our pupils are dedicated, committed, enthusiastic, and hard working. It’s an energetic and vibrant atmosphere – and that is something that quickly rubs off on new pupils.

A message from our...
Stefan Anderson

Tring Park School for the Performing Arts provides an environment which allows for a fusion of natural talent and creativity combined with fine teaching and training.

What we offer here is unique. Talented children and young people benefit from an excellent standard of teaching in the Performing Arts, and this is reinforced by a very high level of academic education. This results in rounded individuals who are fully prepared for life; not just trained performers, but ‘thinking’ performers. It is this depth and breadth of education that will give them the best possible chances in their future careers.
We know that every single one of our pupils is different, each with their own blend of ability and ambition. We endeavour to provide a training and education which meets the needs of each pupil and allows them to achieve their very best.
Tring Park is a very exciting place to be. Visitors comment on the buzz and energy that is about the place. A cursory glance at the timetable will show how much we do during the week, vocationally and academically, both inside and outside school. Additionally, all our vocational departments present productions that run in our own Markova Theatre throughout the academic year.
All this performing, training and learning requires a great deal of dedication and commitment from both staff and pupils and this creates a stimulating environment within a supportive community.
Come and visit us to see and experience the school for yourself – I very much look forward to welcoming you.

Isabella Cowan
Head Girl

I couldn’t possibly have known what to expect when pulling up in front of Mansion House for the first time – it felt like being in a fairy tale. Little did I know Tring Park really would change my life in the best way possible.

Tring has allowed me to continue academically whilst also letting me pursue my love for musical theatre with the finest training there is to offer. There have been so many opportunities to learn, not only from the well-versed staff, but also from outside alumni who are currently working in the industry giving an insight into the professional workplace. In such a full-on environment that downtime is critical to recharge ready for the week ahead. With the amazing support from the pastoral team there’s always someone to talk to and activities to take part in, so there’s never a dull moment.

Life at Tring will challenge you; if anything, I’ve had to work harder and be more determined in the past year than ever before. However, the rewards available are so much greater and knowing that you have given your heart and soul for a vocation you love is worth all your dedication. Being amongst such talented individuals drives you to become the best version of yourself and getting to learn and grow around some of your best friends every day is truly inspiring.

You meet so many people in your lifetime but the people I’ve met and the experiences I have had, and am going to have, will stay in my heart for the rest of my life. Tring Park really is a family and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for all of us.

Maurice Caldon
Head Boy

Nurturing, inspiring and thought-provoking.
A few words that can only begin to describe Tring Park, the school I am incredibly lucky to attend. Having joined Tring Park in September of 2021, I quickly realised that this is more than just a school. It’s a community of like-minded people who encourage you to be all you can be.

Tring encourages you to thrive in academic lessons, vocational lessons and, most importantly, as a person. Tring enables you to make friendships and collaborate creatively with students who share the same passion. I can firmly say that Tring Park has been the best decision I have made, not only to pursue my performing arts career with the help of the incredibly insightful teachers, but also by finding a safe space to fit in and collaborate with friendly and welcoming students who all share the same love for the performing arts.

However, as a Tring student, you begin to find comfort in the busy lifestyle as it becomes your normal day to day – although you may not realise it, this lifestyle is all part of the wonderful training Tring Park has to offer. You leave this school not only as someone with more knowledge of your passion, but with understanding of how to balance your working commitments. This is one of the most rewarding attributes of the school as it sends you into the wide world with an insight into the challenging industry.

Tring Park is unlike what I’ve ever known a school to be. It has pushed me into an extremely beneficial mindset for any career in later life and I can confidently say that the Tring Park family will help you flourish in your vocation.

Our Prefects for 2022/23

Musical Theatre
Isabella Cowan
Head Girl
Maurice Caldon
Head Boy
Amelia Thorpe
Deputy Head Girl
Commercial Music
Harry Lines
Deputy Head Boy
Musical Theatre
Arabella Pahl
Musical Theatre
Austin Kendall
Musical Theatre
Daniel Lane
Eloise Dearling
Emily Loveday
Emma MacKay
Henry Thornton-Izzard
Commercial Music
Juliet Sear
Musical Theatre
Laura Bryan
Musical Theatre
Lauren Ng
Maxi Maintzer
Rosalind Keene

Our Mission and Values

Tring Park School for the Performing Arts’ mission is to provide the best combined vocational and academic education in the UK. The School aims to provide this education to talented pupils from all backgrounds and to extend its specialist facilities and teaching expertise to children and young adults with talent or potential in the wider community.

Our values are Excellence, Creativity and Resilience – it promotes social and life skills such as tolerance, consideration for others, self-discipline, and resilience in order to prepare pupils to be successful and valued members of society.

Our History

  • The first Mansion was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and built by Henry Guy around 1673. Guy was Groom of the Bedchamber to Charles II.
  • In 1702 Guy sells the estate to Sir William Gore, Lord Mayor of London.
  • In 1786 Sir Drummond Smith buys the estate. He becomes the first Baronet of Tring Park.
  • 1823 William Kay buys the estate but rents it out.
  • 1872 Baron Lionel Rothschild buys the estate for his son Nathaniel, who later becomes the 1st Lord Rothschild. By 1888 Nathaniel Rothschild had encased the Wren house with the house you see today. He doubled the house in size and added a floor.
  • The Rothschilds had moved out by the start of World War II but used the Mansion as a place to store documents from the Rothschild Bank in London and a place of safety for expectant mothers from the east-end of London, helped by their Jewish charities.
  • The school arrived in 1945 and has been present ever since.

Olive Mary Ripman (co-founder) was born in 1886, in Teddington, Middlesex. It is believed she started her first dance school in Croydon around 1919 at the age of 33. Olive Ripman was, by the 1930’s, a highly respected dance teacher and chorographer whose reputation preceded her. Olive Ripman died in Newton Abbot, Devon in 1981.


Grace Cone (co-founder), full name Angela Nadine Grace Cohn, was born in Lewisham in 1892. The Cone family were originally from Germany and came to the United Kingdom sometime between 1885 and 1891. The earliest newspaper cuttings found see Grace dancing at the age of 17 in Worthing in 1909 and her applying for licences to London County Council for her dancing business in 1927. Grace Cone died in Hove, Brighton in 1980.


The school moved to ‘Loddington Hall’, Uppingham in Leicestershire. ‘The Sketch’ newspaper did a piece on the school and took some unusual photographs! The house was once again requisitioned, this time by the Paratrooper Regiment, so they moved back south to Folly Court in Wokingham. After a short stay at Wokingham the next move was to ‘Rawdon Hall’, Holyport near Maidenhead. The last move before they came to Tring, was to a farmhouse called ‘Ystumllyn’, an old 16th century building near Porthmadog in Wales.


The school moved to the Rothschild Mansion in Tring Park. During the war the Rothschild Mansion was used by the Rothschild Bank for administration and to house important documents, which they wanted to store away from the bombing in the capital. The Mansion was also used as a hospital for people from the east end of London who were struggling with life and the blitz.


During the war years the school’s name was a bit of a mystery but in 1947 we know it was called ‘The Cone Ripman School’. Then in 1948 the school’s name was changed to the ‘Tring Park School of Theatrical Arts’. By 1949 it was changed again to the ‘Arts Educational Schools’. Eventually the two schools became more commonly known as, ‘ArtsEd Tring’ and ‘ArtsEd London'.


In 1963 Grace Cone and Olive Ripman took a backseat and Beryl Grey an ex-student, later to be Dame Beryl Grey became the Director of the School. 1955 Mrs Hearn became Principal of the school and she retired in 1967. Miss Janet Sinclair took over but for a year then Marie Jack arrived and was to stay for the next 19 years.


In 1970 The Arts Educational Schools Trust, then still allied with AES London in Chiswick, acquired the freehold of the Mansion and 17 acres of the former park and gardens from the Rothschild family. Things are beginning to change, and great plans are being made.


The new School dining room was built in 1982 and was named the Cone-Ripman Hall in honour of the founders. A plan was developed to build a school theatre. An Appeals Committee was set up to raise funds for construction of what was to become the “Markova Theatre”. In 1988 Marie Jack collected her OBE at Buckingham Palace. Mrs Jack retired in 1989. Mrs Margaret Sweet was appointed Headmistress.


In 1994 the decision was taken to separate from AES London. When the Schools separated, Tring Park School was set up as an independent company with the title ‘AES Tring Park School Trust’. As part of the separation, the Tring school acquired freehold title to Tring Park.


In 1998 the school won the Sainsbury’s Choir of the Year Competition, under the direction of Vaugh Meakins. The choir later toured America. The picture is from a performance the choir did with Val Doonican.


In 2001 Mr Stefan Anderson was appointed Principal of the school. In 2002, the science laboratories in the ‘New Block’ were enlarged and refurbished, together with the IT Suite and the Design and Textiles Room. The Courtyard area was also completely reconfigured. In 2007 Eve Pettinger became a Member of the order of the British Empire. In 2009 the school changed its name to Tring Park School for the Performing Arts.


2011 saw the opening of five new dance studios and won a design award presented by The Chilterns Conservation Board. The Commercial Music Course arrived one year later in 2012.


In 2014 the school started a national tour for its graduate year dancers under the directorship of Antony Dowson, and the company, known as Encore, now performs annually at ten theatres nationwide each spring.


The School Choir, known as the 16, won the BBC Songs of Praise Choir of the Year, under the direction of Liz Norris. The 16 once again won the award in 2019.


Elizabeth House was finished in 2019 and now houses a theatre set design space, three large performances spaces and two classrooms on the lower ground floor with seventy-two bedrooms on the other three floors.

Tring Park Vacancies

Tring Park School is committed to creating an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity, where staff can thrive, regardless of their background.

We offer a wide range of benefits (role dependent) including a pension scheme, cycle to work scheme, free school lunches during term time, free onsite parking, staff discounts and enhanced maternity and paternity schemes.