The Classical Ballet Academy (CBA) is designed to discover talented girls and boys between the ages of 8 – 16 years and provide them with a high level of pre-vocational classical training.

The Classical Ballet Academy (CBA) introduces young boys and girls to the fundamentals of vocational training. The focus is on technique, artistry and musicality. Freedom of expression and confidence is encouraged in a nurturing holistic manner.

The programme complements the student’s individual training with their regular ballet school and gives them an opportunity to work with other talented children who share the same goals and ambitions to have a career in dance. Boys are taught separately by a male teacher and all classes are streamed by ability and age. Class numbers are kept small and classes are accompanied by a pianist in our Tring Park Studios.

Further Information

CBA is closely associated with the main school and the dance faculty often guest teach on the course. The course follows similar criteria to the main school in preparation for Tring Park School auditions and possible entry. At the end of the academic year students are assessed by the Artistic Director, the Director of Dance and the Head of Ballet of the main school.

Classes take place at our beautiful Tring Park Studios on six Sunday sessions per term and are levelled with an acknowledgment of both age and development. Girls and boys are taught separately with students placed in the class that is most suitable. Each session consists of a classical ballet class followed by either coaching or a repertoire class.

Class groups and times from September 2023 are as follows: Prep 1 Girls, Prep 2 Girls, Junior Girls, Prep/Junior Boys (10am until 12.30pm), and Mid 1 Girls, Mid 2 Girls, Senior Girls, Mid/Senior Boys (1.15pm until 4.15pm).


There is no funding available, although boys who have attained the Paul Watson bursary are allowed to use their awarded funds toward CBA fees. One term’s notice is required if the student wishes to leave CBA.

2023 - 2024

Prep 1 Girls, Prep 2 Girls, Junior Girls & Prep/Junior Boys

£145 per term

Mid 1 Girls, Mid 2 Girls, Senior Girls & Mid/Senior Boys

£152 per term


Sunday 23rd June 2024

Please complete the form below if you would like to audition for entry into Classical Ballet Academy in the autumn term of 2024.


Term Dates 2023 – 2024

Autumn Term

First Half Term:

10th September
24th September
8th October

Second Half Term:

22nd October
5th November
19th November

Spring Term

First Half Term:

7th January
21st January
4th February

Second Half Term:

18th February
10th March
24th March

Summer Term

First Half Term:

21st April
12th May
26th May

Second Half Term:

9th June
23rd June
7th July

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Antony Dowson & Sarah McIlroy

Please get in contact if you have any queries about Classical Ballet Academy.



How many auditions are held each year?

We currently hold 3 auditions per year. Auditions are typically held on the second to last Sunday of the term, with groups for different ages and levels.

What is the age requirement, the cost of the audition and do students need to prepare a solo?

There is no need to prepare anything in advance of the audition. The audition will consist of a traditional Classical Ballet class with elements of Barre, Centre and Allegro. The youngest entry age is 8 with the oldest at 16. The administration cost is £20 per student.

What should the student wear?

Students should wear their classical ballet dance wear. Girls are advised to wear a plain coloured leotard with boys in a white or black leotard or fitted t-shirt. Younger students are encouraged to have bare legs with ballet socks and shoes with older students in Ballet tights.

Do I need to be working on a particular grade or studying a set syllabus?

Experience is not essential as we look for potential for classical ballet training. Although they can be a useful indicator of previous experience, students do not need to have achieved a particular grade or vocational exam. Classes are designed to equip students with the foundational skills needed to progress in classical ballet.

Is feedback available after auditions and can a pupils retry if unsuccessful?

We are unable to give any feedback due to the high number of applicants however we are always happy to see students again.

Can a successful student continue with their present dance school and also miss classes for other events?

The programme is designed to work alongside and compliment the student’s regular dance training. We are happy for dancers to take part in other programmes but not missing more than two CBA sessions per term, except in special circumstances and with prior discussion. It is essential that parents give a term’s notice if their child wishes to leave the programme.

How many levels does the programme consist of?

Following the audition, we place the students in the group that best suits both their age and ability although this could change throughout the year. We have a yearly assessment in the Summer Term where the students will receive a report on their progress.

We do not assess students out of the programme but will make group adjustments as necessary.

  • Girls Groups: Prep 1, Prep 2, Junior, Mid 1, Mid 2, Senior.
  • Boys Groups: Prep/ Junior & Mid/ Senior.

A progressing student can stay with us until the age of 18 and reach the senior groups.

Are there performing opportunities?

Although this programme does not have a performance, we do invite the parents to observe the classical class at the end of each term.