2nd February 2021

It has been a tough winter for everyone, but Tring students continue to show their resilience. This year the school has supported 67 students in applying to UCAS, both current students and our alumni. 40 students have also applied for UCAS Conservatoires, with four students applying to US colleges and two students applying to Canadian universities and colleges.

We are very proud that our students leave the school with the ability to pursue multiple careers, due to the combination of vocational training alongside the 20 A-Level subjects that are studied (the majority of our students complete three A-Levels).

The fact that current students and alumni are still eager to continue their education and training despite the challenges of a global pandemic is admirable. Already many students have received offers from their first-choice universities including Cambridge, Durham, Kings College London, Reading, Surrey, Exeter and Southampton. Students will have difficult decisions to make in the coming months for their Firm and Insurance choices, whilst juggling their A-Level studies.

This followed the success of last year’s applications cycle where students achieved some very prestigious destinations including Poppy Wager Leigh, who is reading Geography at Cambridge, Rosalie Roger-Lacan has been studying at NYU, Oliver Williams who is at ICMP for Popular Music Performance – Drums, Louis Swanepoel, who will be reading Engineering Mathematics at the University of Bristol and Montana Ingrassia Hancock, who is reading English with Creative Writing at Loughborough, Mia Rose, who is reading Bio-medical Studies at UCL and Sorcha Kahn, who is reading History at Cambridge.