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Encore Dance Company is the graduate dance company for Tring Park School for the Performing Arts.


Our course is designed to give each cast member a true representation of being a young pre professional dancer and an exciting year working as a junior company with our experienced and highly professional staff. Our premises has excellent facilities with our 12 studios and fully functioning theatre.

During the year, starting in September, there are weeks that are training weeks and there are weeks that are creation weeks. Encore Dance Company in fact has two different schedules.

The first schedule takes into account of all the daily core subjects – ballet, contemporary, jazz, commercial dance, pas de deux, variations, fitness class and ongoing academic work for the Trinity Diploma.

The second schedule when an external choreographer is here they have rehearsal slots for creation or learning existing works. The cast work with the choreographers who will create on them. As well as continuing rigorous day-to-day training in all of the core and supplementary subjects.

By the end of the second term several works will have been made that will form the annual showcase.

The Tour

The Encore Dance tour brings together all of the skill and knowledge the cast have acquired on the course and display it to the public. Every graduating dancer has the opportunity to have work created on them by industry professionals which culminate in a showcase performance in a London venue for the public and an invited audience of choreographers, artistic directors, agents, and other industry professionals.

Our 2021/2022 Members

Annabelle McEwan
Arwen Goggerly
Bobby Barker
Carla Contini
Darcey Shaw
Hannah Brown
Harry Osborne
Isabel Harrod
Jasmine Daniels
Jesse Eshelby
Jessica Wells
Katy Roy
Leonardo McCorkindale
Libby Friend-Smith
Lotty Douglas
Lucy Letch
Lydia Freer
Naomi Hodgson
Oscar Clarke
Tomoyo Matsuzawa
Yuna Hirata
Zachary Amiet

The Year

Encore operates as a junior company so that the cast experience is as true to reality as possible. This Third Year is about creativity, collaboration and working as part of an artistic team.


Working with Encore Dance Company this year are:


Previously, members have worked with many notable choreographers: