12th August 2021

We are incredibly proud of all our GCSE students this year for continuing to focus on their studies, demonstrating resilience and flexibility, and their determination to succeed. We are pleased to be able to announce that 98% of students attained passes (9-4/A*-C) in 5 or more GCSE subjects including English, and that, overall, we had 97.6% pass rate for all exams sat.

There is no doubt that this year’s cohort of students experienced significant disruption to their studies – and that, despite this, the process of examinations and moderation was incredibly thorough and rigorous. This makes their achievements even more remarkable, and it is worth remembering that these results would not have been possible without enormous commitment and dedication from their teachers and other staff within the school.

Subjects attaining 100% A*-C/9-4 were English (Language and Literature), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Double Science, Geography, RS, ICT, Drama, Dance, Art, Music, Chinese and German.

Amongst our top achievers, Luke Blair and Arabella Pahl both attained 11 grades A*-A/9-7.

Joseph Burdge, Eloise Dearling, Rosalind Keene, Rafaella Longobardi, Sophia Mucha and Lauren Ng all attained 10 grades A*-A/9-7.

Evelyn Hogan and Ella Ronte achieved 9 grades A*-A/9-7.

Matthew Humphreys and Amelia Thorpe achieved 8 grades A*-A/9-7.

We also would like to recognise the following students for attaining their target grade or above in all their subjects: Yazmin Allen, Phoebe Bones and Emma MacKay.

– Dr Sarah Coren, Head of Middle School