Public Exam Results 2017

A Levels

The school would like to offer its congratulations to all of our A Level and BTEC students for another successful examination cycle. The class of 2017 achieved highly across the 24 A Level and BTEC subjects with the A*/B percentage improving to 58.9% and 81.8% Distinction*/Distinction in the BTEC Performing Arts.

A number of our students achieved very highly, most notably, Bethany Taylor who achieved A*, A*, A in English Literature, Film Studies and Drama and Theatre Studies, Aisling Lally, who achieved A*, A, A in English Literature, Drama and Theatre Studies and History; Hana Sommerville, who achieved A*, A, A in Psychology, Biology and Chemistry; Mariella Dykhoff who achieved A, A, A in Drama and Theatre Studies, English Literature and Film Studies; Clea Godsill who achieved A, A, A in French, History and Music; Emily Galvin, who achieved A*, A, B in Mathematics, Drama and Theatre Studies and Spanish and John Prowse who achieved A*, A, A in French, Drama and Theatre Studies and English Literature.

Students leaving us this year will be going to a variety of destinations at prestigious academic and vocational schools throughout the world. Daisy Kelly and Olivia Lallo have both been accepted onto the prestigious GSA Musical Theatre course at the University of Surrey. Kaine Ward has been accepted to Julliard in the USA. Matthew Russell, Henry Firth and Bessy Ewa have all gained places at Arts Educational School London. Anele Mahamba has successfully auditioned for a place at Guildhall School of Music and Drama and Alexander Fadayiro will be going to Urdang. Isobel Clarke will be attending Durham University to read Physics, Liberty Abdey has gained a place to read Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the University of the Arts, London and Hana Sommerville will be reading Physiotherapy at Brunel University London. Parmis Khalili will be attending New York University in the USA. We wish all of our leavers the best of luck with their future endeavours and congratulate them on their achievements.

This year the entries at AS Level were reduced as for a number of subjects we chose not to take the AS Level examinations after switching to the new linear A Level system. We are however proud to report that 41.6% of our students achieved A-B at AS Level. 


The school would like to congratulate its students on another fantastic year for GCSE results. Across the 18 subjects offered at GCSE and IGCSE our students achieved highly and we are happy to report that our A* percentage is up to 18.6% and that our A*/A percentage has improved to 42.6%.

As the school is non-selective academically this is a real accomplishment for our pupils, who have achieved these excellent results whilst managing a dual curriculum with the Performing Arts.

The school is proud of the achievements of all of the students in this year’s GCSE cohort, but would like to make a special mention of Olivia Foskett (8 A* and an 8 in Maths), Emily Robins (8 A*, 1 A and an 8 in Maths), Samuel Doyle (6 A*, 1 A and a 7 in Maths), Micaela Infante (2A*, 5 A and an 8 in Maths), Julia Lazarus (5A*, 3 A), Mia Rose (5A*, 3 A and an 8 in Maths) and Hannah Pearce (3 A*, 5A).

We would like to thank all of the staff involved in helping the students achieve these results. Special mentions should be made to the Biology, English and Drama departments who will be celebrating the largest percentage of As and A*s this year.


Exam results will be sent to the students via the student portal at 10am on  results day.  If the desired results have not been achieved, the Principal, Mr Liddle, Mr Hawkins and some teaching staff will be available to discuss A2 University/Higher Education queries in the morning and AS queries between 1pm and 3pm on 17th August and GCSE results between 10am and 2pm on 24th August. IGCSE English Literature, English Language and ICT results will be released on Thursday 17th August.  Students are welcome to collect results on the morning of results day.  Please let Mrs Woodbridge know if results are being collected .  If an Enquiry About Results is being requested please see the Post Results Services form here.  Please note there are separate forms for A Level and GCSE.  The form needs to be completed and signed by the student and returned by the deadline date to .  GCSE Maths results will have the new 9-1 grades.  Please see this link for information .  If grade 3 or below was achieved then a resit will be required (or grade 4 for applications to some higher education courses).

GCSE Post-results services enquiry, consent and payment form 2017

A LEVEL Post-results services enquiry, consent and payment form 2017

GCSE Cumulative Percentages

Year No. of entries A* A* - A A* - B A* - C
2016 241 10.3 34.1 70.1 97.3
2015 390 13.1 39.5 63.1 84.6

National Comparisons

A* - C grades 2017
Subject Number of entries % Pass National % Pass
ART & DESIGN 10 60.0 75.2
BIOLOGY 24 87.5 90.4
CHEMISTRY 19 78.9 89.7
DRAMA 34 100.0 73.6
ENGLISH 43 90.7 62.0
FRENCH 20 90.0 68.8
GEOGRAPHY 18 77.8 64.1
GERMAN 1 100.0 74.3
HISTORY 17 70.6 64.5
ICT 6 100.0 64.7
MATHEMATICS 44 86.4 59.9
MUSIC 10 100.0 74.3
PHYSICS 20 70.0 90.7
SCIENCE 28 42.9 47.9
SPANISH 11 72.7 69.8

A Level Cumulative Percentages

Year No. of Entries A* A*-A A* - B A* - C
2017 140 7.8 28.4 58.9 91.5
2016 137 13.9 32.8 56.2 81.8
2015 148 6.1 31.8 64.2 82.4

National Comparisons

A Levels A*-C Grades
Subject Number of entries % Pass National % Pass
ART & DESIGN 7 100.0 82.4
BIOLOGY 4 100.0 70.3
CHEMISTRY 2 100.0 75.1
DANCE 2 100.0 68.7
ENGLISH 23 95.7 80.6
FRENCH 3 100.0 84.6
FILM STUDIES 8 100.0 81.0
HISTORY 9 57.1 82.4
MATHEMATICS 6 100.0 80.0
MEDIA STUDIES 11 81.8 81.0
MUSIC 5 100.0 72.1
PHILOSOPHY 3 100.0 68.7
PHYSICS 2 100.0 69.2
PSYCHOLOGY 8 50.0 73.5
SPANISH 3 66.7 86.6

BTEC Performing Arts Cumulative Percentages

Year No. of entries Distinction* Distinction Merit Pass
2017 11 27.3 81.8 100.0 100.0
2016 4 25.0 100.0 100.0 100.0

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